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Management Training , Workshops-In-House, Open House Training being one of the most meaningful external input needed contiguously for contributing to the survival and growth of the organisation and Quality Training being in – short supply, at VISION , Training is a major focused activity.


  • Training of Union Executives for better Union-Management relationships.
  • Negotiation Skills.
  • Performance Appraisal.
  • Contract Labour Management.
  • Environment Laws.
  • Other Topics


  • Managing through VISION & VALUES.
  • Contract Labour.
  • Conflict Management.
  • Right to Information Act
  • Reservation Policy
  • And many other
  • Other Topics

Prof. Ranjan Mohapatra , a Leading Consultant & Trainer conducts a regular workshops on a series of Management Topics of Today and Tomorrow.

Few selected Workshop Topics of RANJAN MOHAPATRA WORKSHOP are as under:

• SQ Based Leadership
• Corporate Ethics
• Performance Management System
• Decision Making
• Positive Attitude
• Motivation
• Managing Intangibles for profits.
• Corporate Governance.

We claim with pride that we are in the business of knowledge and we are passionate aboutKNOWLEDGE and LEARNING. Thus Knowledge is central to, what we do. Our consulting teams routinely codify the knowledge we have gained in the course of serving clients, taking care to protect confidentiality. In addition, we develop knowledge systematically through our industry and functional practices, as well as through special research initiatives focused on themes. In many instances, we collaborate with leading thinkers and academic researchers.

All of our consultants have ready access to VISION CONSULTING‘s huge body of knowledge, which they can apply to their clients. We also actively share this knowledge with clients – even when we are not actively serving them – face-to-face, through conferences, and via a variety of media..

VISION CONSULTING is committed to and active in conducting in-depth studies on national, international economic & social issues, uniquely combining management theory and academic rigor. These studies inform business leaders and public-policy shapers on the evolving national and global economy.

E-Learning :

Responding to the growing demand for promoting Knowledge & Learning through Internet with a view to reach the audience, un-reached till recent times, VISION CONSULTING has developed E-Learning Center to cater to this fast growing segment.