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We, the citizens of the world, are living in an exciting period of our history, marked with Changes. The pace of change we see today in our Economic, Socio-Cultural & Political affairs was rarely seen in the past.

Therefore the Companies, world over are caught up in the trap of Demanding Consumers in home country on one side and Competition from International competitors on the other.

The effect of this, we see in the market place as a growing assertive mass consumer segment demanding a variety of Goods and Services at a reasonable Price and guaranteed Quality, supported by the Globalization Processes leading to increasing Competition.

But the Competitive Strength is relatively a rare commodity in any part of the world.

The Companies, who were till recently comfortable in a Seller’s Market environment with a Production & Sales orientation, are trying hard and looking inwards for competitive strength for Survival and Growth in a Buyer’s Market, open to global competition.

The Companies of Countries, those who will fail to generate enough Competitive Strength, internally or externally will fall sick in spite of their capabilities to produce quality goods & services. The Competitive Strength that is needed is an ability to respond to competitive market situation, primarily with expertise in management of their MARKETS and ORGANIZATION.

At this juncture, the Companies all over the world, including, both Profit Making & Non-Profit, are looking for professional assistance for:

  • Changing them from SUPPLY ORIENTED (Production Cum Sales) enterprises to DEMAND / MARKET ORIENTATED enterprises and
  • Re-designing their Organization Structures & Systems for creating enough of Management strength for producing and marketing, products and services most efficiently.

In brief there is a great need of Management and Marketing Expertise for the Companies for developing strong Corporate Health for their Survival & Growth.

This is precisely the role we at VISION CONSULTING  are focused on.

VISION CONSULTING is developed as a Consultancy Firm that can help ORGANIZATIONS, including Corporate, Government and Non-Government, to face the growing competition and increase their level of PROFITABILITY and productivity in a sustainable manner.