At VISION CONSULTING, we assess our success in terms of Success Of Our Clients and the Standards of Value that we exhibit in course of our work , integrating THEORY and PRACTICE.



Based on a Systems Approach we treat an organization as a SYSTEM comparable with a human body as a system along with its sub systems. This is used for both diagnosis and treatment as illustrated in the diagram above.

As illustrated in the diagram an organization system can be compared to the human body system. Just as the human body is made up of systems and sub-systems so too is an organization. Like a doctor treats a human being through a three-fold method of diagnosis, prescription and treatment VISION CONSULTING treats an organization through the method of organizational study, strategy & action plan and implementation.

We support the CEOs – Top Management, comprehend the total picture of the marketplace including the competitors, sharpen their focus and formulate their strategic course, organize the resources for achieving the desired targets.

In times of uncertainty and fast change, clarity in corporate vision is even more important. Strategy and tactics need to be flexible so they can change with swings in geopolitics and the global economy, but the vision must be steadfast.

The people of our Strategy and Organization practice groups work side by side with top management team of the Client Organisations, to clarify issues, refine ideas, and give them shape. Our strength comes from the ability to understand things from a systemic and holistic perspective – to look at markets and trends, at competition and customers, at the organization itself – and then use what we learn to ensure that the future direction can be successfully implemented.

The result of this process is an approach and a plan that can help ensure that the company’s strategy can be turned into performances and results.

The SPECIFIC SERVICE offerings of VISION CONSULTING; have been organized into the following Lines of Service. Each supported by highly qualified, experienced professionals and leaders in the profession. This team of EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS , we call the INTANGIBLE CAPTAL of VISION CONSLTING, allow us to provide the support you need, when you need it and where ever you need it.